Efficiency Changes

As many of our customers know Marlin Pools used to be Crawdaddy pools. We took over a few months ago. Marlin Pools is not just new management it’s a new business. We’re changing things!

For years customers would come through the backdoor to drop of motors and pickup supplies. Well, we decided that we could do better. As previously announced we moved the Front to the front. Now customers can receive better service.

We don’t want our customers to wait and our goal is to minimize wait times. Many of our customers are service professionals themselves and like homeowners need quick, reliable, consistent, and dependable service. We quickly noticed that we were not keeping up with demand so we quickly made some adjustments and fast.

While we no where near complete we have made great progress. Looking to streamline efficiency to better serve our customers. Minimizing motor rebuild time to a goal of non-existent with available shelf-motors we really hope to have an impact on increasing our customers’ success with equipment repair.

Pools are nice, very nice, here in Scottsdale, AZ when the weather is hot. People want those pools working and fast. It’s a huge inconvenience to not have your pool available and working because of maintenance and service.

As a side-note it is really recommended you contact our service counter to inquire about checking your pool during the colder months.
Much like a boat you want that thing ready. 


This is a big change and while performing this improvement is important to maintain customer service while we do it. We’re taking especially high caution to minimize impact on our customers while we perform this transition. We thank all of our customers for their patience. Many customers are just as excited as we are about the change and are glade they’re having as much excitement about this as we are.

Before – Front Office Area


Kenny needs a place to work!

Motors Are Heavy

Many customers move one motor or a few at a time. They weight an average of 50lbs. Try moving hundreds of motors! We’ve had customers ask us “how did you move that shelf?”, “One motor at a time.” Whew, talk about work, however, we believe the work is worth it.

One by one we move motors and move motors to free space and make space available. Completely reorganizing our spaces to better service our customer who are looking for pool equipment.

Our company believes in continuous improvement but the majority of this project is anticipated to be pretty dialed in by end of January.

This just isn’t going to work.

Motors—Motors—More Motors Now with Space

We have a long ways to go with getting our shop to where we want it but it is better every day!


Stop by to get your replacement pumps, motors, and more!